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The (un)truths about colostomy November 23, 2009

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You’ll be able to eat anything you want (um, not so much – individuals handle some foods very differently.)

You’ll be able to wear the same clothes you’ve always worn (yes, as long as it’s not skin tight, doesn’t bind across the waist or abdomen, and is roomy enough to permit the bag to expand as needed.)

You’ll be able to do all of the thing you did before the ostomy (yes, unless you develop a peristomal or abdominal hernia – then you’ll need to be careful about lifting.)

Nothing will change in your life (some things will change, but all change isn’t automatically bad.)

You won’t be attractive to anyone with a bag hanging off your side (you are only as unattractive as you act or feel.)

Everyone will know that you have an ostomy (nobody seems to know I have a colostomy unless I tell them.)

Ostomies stink (only when you don’t care for your ostomy properly!)

Ostomies are dirty (we all have bowel movements; an ostomy isn’t any more dirty than other ways of moving your bowels, and far cleaner than some!)

Ostomies are the worst possible surgery you could have (hmm – no. I can think of several body parts I’d be more upset about losing than part of my bowel!)

Ostomies are life-altering procedures (yes, they save lives and make it possible for people to live normal lives every day.)


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