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On the move… November 30, 2009

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Those of you who’ve been reading Life Out Loud for awhile might have been expecting a new post today. But this weekend instead of writing posts, I was building websites – movin’ on up to self-hosted blogs at my own domains. These include include patsteer.com, which will be the new home of Life Out Loud and my freelance writing projects; one for my food blog Kitchen Jam which is in development here; and one for Dog Trainer’s Log, evolving here.

Each of these sites is still, to some extent, ‘under construction’ – I’ve planned some offical ‘launch’ activities later this month. Meanwhile, I’ll be putting up new posts on the new sites, tweaking, re-arranging the virtual furniture. When the move is complete, your links, bookmarks and RSS feeds to my WP.com blogs will re-direct you automatically to each blog’s new home on its own domain. Until then, wish me luck as I work to make 30 years of writing and 10 years of tech training pay off. 😉

Please come by and check out my new online digs. Look for some special December blog-warming projects: “The 12 Jams of Christmas” at Kitchen Jam and a new training series for the Divine Miss M. at Dog Trainer’s Log. And adjust your dial to stay tuned for plenty of the same old me (working under my real name now!) at Life Out Loud.

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Comments to this blog April 13, 2009

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My weekend blog posts have generated a number of comments.
However, all but one of them were anonymous.
While I’m really interested in opinions, I’m a firm believer in saying what you mean and standing up to be counted for what you say. I’m putting my opinions out there attached to a name and a profile. I ask that those who comment on my blog posts do the same.

Short story–Thanks for reading. Thanks even more if you’ve got something to say or share in return. All I ask is that you stand up and be counted by attaching a name to your comment.

My blog comments are set to ‘moderate all’ to control spamming, which means I see and have to approve/publish or reject each one.

Anonymous comments are not accepted–you have to give yourself a name. No exceptions…no matter how insightful, appropriate, interesting or valuable, anonymous comments will not be published. If you want to be part of the conversation, it’s simply rude not to introduce yourself.

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Me, from 2003. February 18, 2006

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A picture is supposed to be worth a thousand words. This is me, taken in June, 2003.
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