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A month without blogging June 26, 2009

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photo by Dave McGrath

photo by Dave McGrath

June was a full month.
Oh, I knew it was going to be busy–but I had no idea how busy it would be.
I had no idea that I’d end up here in the last days of the month with the worst cold I’ve had since cancer, slamming down Tropicana50 (the new reduced sugar OJ) and trying not to sneeze and cough at the same time!

At any rate, there were up-sides to this busy June.
Catered a lunch for four judges and assorted obedience trial staff–and got two requests for recipes.
Finally managed to make it to my very first Tear-Up the Adirondacks teardrop and tiny travel trailer rally–and really enjoyed camping in the Sunspot with two dogs and a cat…in the pouring rain. I can’t wait to go out again!
I put my little SunSpot right in between the two trees that create the entrance to site #228, so that I could see the water and the boats cruising past.
Traveled to Williamsburg VA for my uncle’s memorial service, and reconnected with my aunt, cousins and their kids–some I’d never met and cousins I hadn’t seen in 30 years.

And now I’m here nursing a cold and wondering if I’ll be better in time for a wedding tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

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The end and the beginning…. May 26, 2008

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16 to 11.
The boys I watched grow up on a lacrosse field, the boys who became young men who I am proud to know, got outrun and outgunned today by a style they’d never seen before and a team with a bigger ‘A’ game.

I couldn’t be there.
I couldn’t take a seven hour bus trip, spend three hours sitting on bleachers in a stadium, and then take another seven hour bus trip home.
I watched the whole thing on CSTV, the quick shots, the beautiful blocks, the effortless plays, the razor sharp slicing of the NYIT kids to the net. I watched the navy blue uniforms start their celebration with a minute to go, knowing that Lemoyne couldn’t possibly pull ahead of them in a bare minute. I watched them swarm the field, the way that green uniforms had swarmed the field last year in Baltimore.

I wanted to tell them, all of them, how proud I am to have seen them play, seen them grow up. I looked at my liveSTRONG wristband and knew that four years ago, the idea that I’d ever see this day was just an idea, a dream.

Now, Beam is taller than I am, and when he hugs me I want to make every hug last until I can’t breathe any more. It’s the same with A.–when he hugs me, I never want to let go.

I want to tell them it’s not about winning–it’s about how you play the game.

Except I think tonight, for some of them looking at their last game, it might have been about winning. Someday, I hope they realize that just getting to play at that level is winning. Storming the field carrying the trophy is just a perk–the final score is that they showed up.

I am so proud to know them.

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The view from the bleachers… April 24, 2005

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Bri plays lacrosse at Lemoyne, and even though it was cold and rainy, I didn’t want to miss another home game. I’ve already missed two…one in the rain a few weeks ago, and one two weeks ago on a truly beautiful Saturday. Unfortunately, that beautiful day was only three days after a treatment, and my blood pressure was too low and unpredicatable. I could barely get out of bed. So I decided to brave the run, planning to show up for the second half and the tailgate after.

The first quarter ran very long, and I got there in the middle of the 2nd quarter. It was great to see everyone, and at first I didn’t really notice the cold. No rain, but it got colder the longer I watched. There’s some cold-holding penetrating chill factor built into aluminum bleachers, I swear. So at the end of the game, after I brought in the brownies for the tailgate, when Bri said he had to go I was more than willing to sit in my warm truck and drive him up to his dorm.

Its so odd how many of the kids seem to know me after only meeting me once or twice–they’re not even West Genny kids, but others I’ve met during the odd dinner or lunch with Bri. Bri’s roommate Brad gave me a hug, and Chris Moore and I had this complete conversation on the merits of owning technical rainwear in CNY. They are a very bonded group, and I hope that Bri has found a comfortable place with all of them. I want Bri to enjoy Lemoyne, to settle into it and take as much out of it as A. has taken out of Springfield. I want him to succeed, I want for him all the best things. And I show up and sit on those aluminum chill rails masquerading as bleachers, even when he doesn’t play, so that he’ll know that someone is always there–always thinking good for him, always supporting him. I want him to understand that, and sometimes when we’re alone like on the truck ride up to his dorm, I know that he gets all those good thoughts, and feels me holding them for him. My biggest fear is knowing that I won’t be here for him for as long as he’s going to need someone in his corner.

But I hope that he understands that I’m always watching him, even when I’m not in those bleachers.