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Tired of being tired… October 4, 2009

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Cranberry Lake

Image by J. Stephen Conn via Flickr

After cancer, living life well becomes all about what you can fit into your waking hours.

Since September 1st it’s occurred to me that I’m trying to cram an entire summer into four weeks (summer? where did summer GO, anyway, and how can it possibly be fall already?!?) I came right out of NY State Fair week (where I cooked all but two of my eight entries) into a crazy schedule of camp-outs and dog shows: Sunline Owner’s Club meet-up in Western NY (September 10-13), the Tin Can Tourists Rally weekend at Sampson St Park (Sept. 18-20), the Wine Country Circuit of dog shows at Sampson St Park (Sept. 23-28), an enormous life-changing Town Hall at work to inform us about the upcoming relocation to NJ and IN–all ending with the fall Tear-Down at Cranberry Lake (Oct. 2-4.)

But when push came to shove, despite reservations, plan and good intentions, I managed only the Fair, Wine Country and the Town Hall. As much as I *wanted* to be camping, I was too exhausted by my schedule and by all the tension surrounding every move at work. Friday, I packed the car, cooler and trailer for a good shot at the trip to the Tear-Down at Cranberry Lake. But in the midst of a deluge of rain, I realized that I wouldn’t be in the Adirondacks until well after dark, and I didn’t want to drive up and set up camp in the deluge. After six days at Sampson State Park for Wine Country, I couldn’t face any more camping in the cold and rain. I decided to go to bed early, wake up early and drive up to Cranberry Lake first thing Saturday morning.

It was a great plan — except that I slept in until nearly 10:30. So much for an early start. After exercising dogs, I realized that I was just too tired to drive 3+ hours down the road. So I slept most of yesterday, and slept in again this morning. Now I have to unpack the car (and the camper) and pull the trailer over to its garage off Rt. 57 to put it up for the winter.

My life schedule is ruled by fatigue, and it’s turning into all the things that fit — not necessarily all the things I want to do. Unfortunately, the list of things for which I have energy and time is depressingly short. More and more often, I am angry that fatigue sets in too soon, and that there just isn’t enough non-fatigued time. It’s a bright sunny fall afternoon, and I’m glad I’m alive. I treasured my afternoon meditation. But I still wish I could have been by meditating on the shores of Cranberry Lake…

Now off to put the trailer into the garage for the winter…and then, another nap.

Does fatigue after cancer treatment affect your daily life? Can you schedule things back-to-back, or do you need down time between events?

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A month without blogging June 26, 2009

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photo by Dave McGrath

photo by Dave McGrath

June was a full month.
Oh, I knew it was going to be busy–but I had no idea how busy it would be.
I had no idea that I’d end up here in the last days of the month with the worst cold I’ve had since cancer, slamming down Tropicana50 (the new reduced sugar OJ) and trying not to sneeze and cough at the same time!

At any rate, there were up-sides to this busy June.
Catered a lunch for four judges and assorted obedience trial staff–and got two requests for recipes.
Finally managed to make it to my very first Tear-Up the Adirondacks teardrop and tiny travel trailer rally–and really enjoyed camping in the Sunspot with two dogs and a cat…in the pouring rain. I can’t wait to go out again!
I put my little SunSpot right in between the two trees that create the entrance to site #228, so that I could see the water and the boats cruising past.
Traveled to Williamsburg VA for my uncle’s memorial service, and reconnected with my aunt, cousins and their kids–some I’d never met and cousins I hadn’t seen in 30 years.

And now I’m here nursing a cold and wondering if I’ll be better in time for a wedding tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

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My first Tin Can Tourists rally September 14, 2008

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I love vintage trailers.
I own and am in the process of refurbishing a 1980 Sunline SunSpot. I participate in the Teardrops & Tiny Travel Trailers forum.
I’ve even met the owners of two teardrops, and toured their rigs.

But so far, every gathering and trailer rally within 8 hours’ driving distance has fallen on a weekend with a major family event, or a chemo weekend, or a weekend during the time I’m was still recovering from surgery.

Until this weekend.
I decided that I was still a little too chemo-brained to haul my own trailer to Sampson State Park, and to try to camp in the deluge we’ve been having since Thursday–but I sure could drive down for the day!

And I saw the coolest trailers. Many old Airstreams and Shastas, a Yoder Toter teardrop, a couple I couldn’t identify, and the coolest of all–a 1960s Mostard Yvonne in near original condition, imported in the 60s from Sweden and only on its second owner.

That’s the Yvonne in the picture. And it was even cooler inside.