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on living, and fulfilling your dreams March 9, 2008

Posted by PAS in cancer, survivorship.

I routinely read several blogs, looking for content to feed to the Protein Power forum ‘Media Watch.’ Today, catching up on Mike Eadeses’ blog, I found this entry for March 6: “A video we all need to internalize.”

Randy Pausch has recurrent pancreatic cancer. This video is an abbreviation of the last lecture he gave before retiring from Carnegie Mellon University, which aired on the ‘Oprah’ show:


This is the unabbreviated, 1 hour and 25 minute version:

and for those of you on slow connections, the written transcript:

Finally, this is Pausch’s update page (he should be discharged from the hospital sometime today or tomorrow, after resolving his latest health crisis.)

Why so many versions of the same story?
To be honest, because when people say ‘think positive thoughts,’ I wish this was what they meant.

Randy Pausch knows he’s going to die. He gets it. He hates it, but he gets it. And having dealt with getting it, now he’s getting on with living every minute that he has left.

I only hope that I can be that strong.

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