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some days, normal would be good enough February 17, 2008

Posted by PAS in cancer, survivorship.

Radiation is over.
Chemo is over.
The intestinal blockage that started in the middle of January seems to be resolved…as long as I don’t eat anything stupid.

Now, if I could just count on waking up without being dizzy, or eating whatever I wanted, or being strong enough to do more than one thing on a weekend.

Walking to the uptown E train from Madison Square Garden, then transferring to the uptown 6, then walking six blocks to Sloan last weekend in the wind and cold had me breathing hard. Reversing it all and walking back to Hunter College to catch the downtown 6 and transfer to the downtown E nearly took me out. By the time I got back to the hotel, I needed real food, fast, or I would never have made it through group judging.

Yesterday, I took the dogs for a half mile walk.
Today, I am dizzy whenever I get off the couch.
Good thing I can write while flat on my back.

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